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The Differences Between Social Media and Social Networking

The Differences Between Social Media and Social Networking...

Are they just terms or is there a difference?  Some would say the difference is black and white, with something so new, how are we supposed to know?  Hopefully the points below will help you gain a better understanding of the whole concept of the online social scene and how it can benefit you. Read more →

Search Engine Optimization #1 Secret to Online Success

This article by Jeff Bullas hits home once again and is spot on with the beliefs and commitment of StartUp TakeOff to their Clients.

Search Engine Optimization is the #1 secret to a wildly successful website.  But, first you have to believe, and you have to get yourself online.  And, online positioned to benefit by the enormous amount of inquiries, leads and ultimately EASY sales that occur on a fully optimized website. Read more →

PR Companies Can Work Social Media – GREAT SUCCESS

This is definitely a must read guys and gals.  Love that PR can still stand for Public Relations! Read more →

Welcome! Our Blog Enforces Our Business Model; How to Sell Product Online Successfully

Welcome to our blog. We appreciate you visiting and hope that you will follow us, enjoy learning and jump on the web with us.

The purpose of our blog is to introduce you to the many essential elements of selling products and selling services successfully online.  All you have to do is be present to win with StartUp TakeOff.  We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our Clients.  Your success is truly important to us. Read more →