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10 Things Entreprenuers Should Never Say to Themselves

I love this article. #9 below is near and dear to so many. Definitely words to live by in the short and long term.

“Word of mouth will eventually pay off.” No, advertising and sales will eventually pay off. Advertising is the cake of sales and word of mouth is the icing. Read more →

Confidence: Essential to Online Start-up Success

Excellent article I ran across this morning. I always assumed (you know what they say) all product guru’s had the confidence needed to succeed. Read more →

Who do you know who has a unique product or service? Are they maximizing earning potential on a well optimized website?

StartUp TakeOff works for product guru’s… putting your product or service online. Our industry experts cover the scope of branding, selling web domains, website development, website optimization, social media and financial planning… just to name a few. Read more →

Welcome! Our Blog Enforces Our Business Model; How to Sell Product Online Successfully

Welcome to our blog. We appreciate you visiting and hope that you will follow us, enjoy learning and jump on the web with us.

The purpose of our blog is to introduce you to the many essential elements of selling products and selling services successfully online.  All you have to do is be present to win with StartUp TakeOff.  We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our Clients.  Your success is truly important to us. Read more →