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User Visit Stats on Social Networking Sites

User Visit Stats on Social Networking Sites...

Social Networking Stats comparing 2010 vs 2011 (so far, Yikes already 1/2 way done). What do these numbers really mean to your success in selling products online and selling services online?  And to sell products and sell services online you must drive qualified traffic to your website right? Read more →

Successful Search Campaign and the #1 Secret to Success

#1 Secret Strategy for long term success on your website is SEO – Search Engine Optimization; also termed Search Optimization or just plain Search. These days it’s not optional for your company to make an investment in the optimization of your website. That is, if your expectation is to successfully sell product and services on your website. Read more →

How to Sell Your Products or Services Online Successfully

Perhaps this is the most crucial, time saving post to read prior to getting started with your website.  There are many intricate pieces to become successful online.  Mapping out, white boarding your focus is where you need to start.

It may be easy to get a website up on the web; however, if you do not have any visitors what is the point? Read more →

Search Engine Optimization #1 Secret to Online Success

This article by Jeff Bullas hits home once again and is spot on with the beliefs and commitment of StartUp TakeOff to their Clients.

Search Engine Optimization is the #1 secret to a wildly successful website.  But, first you have to believe, and you have to get yourself online.  And, online positioned to benefit by the enormous amount of inquiries, leads and ultimately EASY sales that occur on a fully optimized website. Read more →

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