Client Feedback

“I worked with Stefani Thionnet when I needed help in a new area of business. Stefani Thionnet helped me through the process and never talked down to me.

Right off the bat I knew that I had found an Internet marketing consultant that I would use for years to come.

Without reservation I highly recommend Stefani Thionnet as a person of integrity and professionalism. Additionally she actually knows what she is talking about, she is the complete package… the real deal.”

Tyler Jorgenson, CEO at Four Sail, Inc.


“Stefani was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She provided expert advice and service in the area of dietary supplements. It was a pleasure to do business with her.”

James C.


“Stefani is a professional in all respects of her profession. She maintains excellent product knowledge, communication, and follow up. She is highly charismatic and goes out of her way to satisfy client needs.”

Ty M.


“I worked with Stefani at my former company but have followed her career closely ever since. Stefani is a true professional, creative thinker, and an extremely talented manager.

I have always admired her skills and I marvel at her team building capabilities in all situations and her ability to always bring out the best in everyone around her while always achieving high results.”

– Lauren F.


“Stefani is an incredible leader. She masters the very many and very varied tasks that come her way with success, resolution and grace. It is a pleasure to work for someone who sees the big picture clearly and yet does not miss any minute details. She is also an expert in her field and she executes her position with energy and strong knowledge.”

– Rebecca P.


“Stefani is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is extremely organized and has the ability to always see the “big” picture. She brings laughter into the workplace and always makes others feel comfortable and at ease.”

– Kendra K.


“Stefani is an amazing manager that is extremely knowledgable and highly respected by her colleagues. She is committed to making it happen and works with her team to identify new innovative techniques to achieve those results.

Stefani knows how to bring out the best in her staff and makes them feel great about the work they are achieving. She executes everything with a positive attitude and it carries over to her team. Stefani is someone I highly respect and admire and without a doubt, I’d work for again.”

– Chez Michelle L.


“Stefani is an incredibly dynamic and motivated individual. Her big picture vision coupled with an attention to detail consistently provide results. She is a talented manager and an asset to any team.”

– Kelly K.


“Stefani is a dynamic leader that is truly compassionate about the people that work for her. Stefani is one the most highly intelligent, creative, innovative and intuitive people I have ever worked for.

Stefani’s high expectations for her team, allows the people that work for her to perform at their best and she is always there to back you up if you need it. Stefani is extremely gifted at sales and negotiation. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Stefani again!”

– Shara M.

“Stefani is a dynamic leader who knows how to get the best out of EVERYONE she works with. I had the pleasure of working for and with her at MD Skincare and she made us realize that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish. She brought us her expertise and knowledge and shared it with the Retail Division to drive us to success. Stefani’s attitude and drive are infectious. I wouldn’t be the Account Executive I am today without working for Stefani. I hope our paths cross again one day.”

– Catherine S.

“Working for Stefani has given me countless opportunities to grow. She had taken me under her wing and made my efforts feel appreciated, and than rewarded. Her endless energy is contagious and working for someone like that keeps the firing burning in your daily life. It makes you want bring more to the table everyday! She knows how to get the best out of the people who work for her, and I’m truly both grateful and thankful to have met her.”

– Erin W.

“Stefani has an extraordinary personality that lights up a room. Not only is she a visionary but that vision comes into fruition with real results. I loved learning from her leadership style because it inspires great teams and comes like second-nature. Great leaders make great companies. It was a pleasure working for and with Stefani.”

– Marline A.