Internet Marketing Services

50% of Start Ups Succeed. 38% of Small Businesses do not have an online presence. 95% of entrepreneur’s wait for things to happen online. Where does your business fit into this equation?

StartUp TakeOff’s Web niche industry experts offer full service Website implementation for those who need help getting started online. Our San Francisco based design and marketing firm offers affordable, reliable Internet products and services. We offer reliable Internet marketing services and are true Website specialists. Driving qualified Web traffic to your site is the leading success factor. 93% of buying decisions start with an online Google search; your Website has to be present to win.

Internet products, Web design, unique Web content, Website optimization, social networking & Social Media Marketing are pieces to the puzzle of online success…No worries, we’re your one stop to having online business success.

Creating Your Presence Online – Internet Products and Online Services

StartUp TakeOff is your “one stop to online success”. As laid out below StartUp TakeOff offers full service Website implementation or consultative site solutions, including every reliable and affordable Internet product and service your business will need for online success This will enable you to have a complete online presence for your online business.

Don’t be scared off by the unfamiliar terms. That is what we are here for; we are your one reliable partner; true Web niche industry experts. We make getting your business online successfully easy and fun at the same time. We are committed to providing you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Visit our Products Page for our affordable, reliable Internet products information, plans and pricing. It is recommended you contact us for a personal consultation with one of our Internet products and services industry experts.

We want you to select the items that are right for you, in the most economical fashion. It used to cost in excess of $65,000 to have your own website. StartUp TakeOff not only can surpass previous Internet products and online service providers, thus providing affordable and reliable Internet marketing products, consulting and services with unprecedented results well under 5% of previous costs.

Every day you put off taking your business online results in lost inquiries, leads and sales. Recapturing these essential elements is labor intensive if not impossible. The same goes for companies not optimizing their Website and solely using them for informational purposes. Your Website is your #1 salesperson; or it should be. Don’t hide behind not knowing where to start.

You have found a reliable Internet marketing partner in us; we are true Website specialists and top Web niche industry experts to help those who need help getting their businesses started online. We remove guess work from your Internet success. Below is our list of affordable, reliable Internet products and services. All delivered by top Web niche industry experts

Blueprint Online Branding

  • Internet Branding, Naming
  • Your Story and Mantra – Your Brand Foundation
  • Professional Logo Services
  • Creative Graphic Design Services
  • Reliable Translation Services for Global Success Online

Internet Maintenance & Marketing Products

  • Domain Names – Renew Domains, Register Domains, Transfer Domains, Bulk Registration, Bulk Transfer, International Domain Names, Private Registration, Deluxe Registration, Backorder Domains, Forwarding & Masking, Domain Name Appraisals, Business Registration, Certified Domain & Premium DNS services
  • Web Hosting – WordPress Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Quick Blogcast, Dedicated IP, Search Engine Visibility & Site Analytics
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Accounts – Web Mail, Email Plans, Hosted Exchange Mail, Online File Folder, Fax Thru Email, Express Email Marketing & Online Calendar services
  • Internet Marketing Tools – Quick Shopping Cart, Search Engine Visibility, Express Email Marketing, Quick Blogcast, Podcasting, Video Showcase & Widgets
  • Build a Website – WebSite Tonight, Website Design Services, Quick Shopping Cart, Search Engine Visibility, Quick Blogcast, Photo Albums, Video Showcase, eCommerce Web Design, Merchant Accounts, Website Protection Site Scanner, Page Titles & Meta Data
Website Design and Website Creative Services
  • Web Design Services, Updates & Landing Pages
  • Content Development & Updates
  • Website Optimization and Content Enhancement
  • Ad Creation, Banner Creation and Advertising Content
Online Presence – Online Foundation – Long Term Online Strategy
  • Organic and Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEM Marketing & SEO Campaign’s to Maximize Your Sales
  • Customized Key Word Research & Strategies
  • Local & Universal Search Marketing
  • Increase Qualified Web Traffic and Conversions
  • Increase Brand Visibility &Link Popularity Gains
  • SEO & SEM Maintenance Plans
Growth Website Marketing – Online Marketing – Online Social Networking Consultations- Social Media
  • Online Social Networking Consultations – Who to Follow, Where to Network, What to Say and When To Network
  • How to Drive Online Sales Through Social Networking
  • Ongoing Networking Consulting
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Customized Social Media Solutions – Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Micro blogging, Podcasts, Wikis, Rating, Pictures, Internet  Forums, Social Blogs, Weblogs, Videos, Directories, Listings, Billboards, Tags, Free Ads, RSS Feeds
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Marketing and Design
  • Online Reputation Management; Online Brand Integrity
  • Online Advertising, Pay Per Click – Customized Key Words Strategies
Online Business Development
  • Incremental Website Sales Solutions
  • Customer Service / Client Retention Programs
  • Business Forms / Correspondence
Online Financial Planning
  • Initial 2 Year Online Financial Planning
  • 5 Year Online Financial Planning
  • Marketing Spend Analysis
  • Online Consulting Services
  • General Online Consulting / Consultative Website Solutions
  • Online Social Networking Consultations
  • Industry Trends to Be Prepared For
  • What’s Coming Next to the World Wide Web