Social Media Marketing

Social Media is now an obsession. It can no longer be categorized as a trend; it has surpassed the status as something to watch. Whether you want it to be or not, you are intertwined by Social Media every click you take on the Internet. There are rules that apply to professional Social Networking & Netiquette to help you succeed online.

Netiquette warnings swarm to keep personal and professional outlets separated. When Social Media started it was defined as “whatever you want it to be” and it still is, to a certain extent. The key is to know your audience and create content to connect in a way in which you receive your desired result. It’s doubtful you would get up on a table at a cocktail party and shout out your company’s vision; life’s politics still apply. Don’t allow yourself to step up on your company soap box behind the security of your keyboard and monitor where and when it’s deemed not appropriate.

Facebook currently has 650 Million members; there are 225 Million on Twitter and 100 Million on LinkedIn. YouTube videos are viral. It’s a challenge not to find a video on YouTube specific to our needs. People pay attention to video 20% longer than traditional copy and are not as apt to hit the “Back” button. We take Social Media with us on our Blackberry’s, iPhone and Droids. Millions find themselves caught up in the obsession of Social Media while at work, in the car and even at dinner with their families.

The beauty of Social Media still stands in its ability to delve deep and connect with your audience, where, when and how you’d like. That is why Social Media is essential to the success of your business now and in the future. There are many avenues to take within key categories of Social Media Platforms. Choosing the correct search plan and Social Media platforms build online brand integrity on your Website, resulting in more online sales.

The power of people interacting with each other and channeling that interaction into the Internet on their own is endless. The Internet now has a personality and it stems from you.  Each site has unspoken Netiquette if you want to solicit a positive response. Co-authors of The Twitter Book think “the biggest mistake we see companies make when they first hit Twitter is to think about it as channel to push out information”. Perhaps it’s best to do some following and test a few tweets before you jump in head first.

Reality stands; the result of our addictive behavior is what makes Social Media so powerful; going so far as to say it is has taken over as the key online marketing mean (at least one of the top 3). How and why has this happened? Let‘s think about this:

Social Media spreads like wild fire. Do you think simple “Like” buttons or the ability to “Share” or “Retweet” were accidents? How many times these actions occur depend on whether your audience connects with your content.
Digital media content is beyond powerful in the world of search. Google indexes Social Media big time; blog entries are almost a given and stick around for decades, YouTube videos change people’s lives. Tweets pop up on Google and Bing loves Facebook. These are outlets to continually invest in.

Ninety percent of clicks on search engine results come from the #1 position. Spend some time punching in keywords that apply to you…you see videos and blog entries first. Social recommendations are invaluable. Google plays with +1’s. Active and persistent presence with purpose on Social Media platforms significantly increases your presence in the search engines; where we all get found. How many times a day do you search and click?

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