User Visit Stats on Social Networking Sites

User Visit Stats on Social Networking Sites...

Social Networking Stats comparing 2010 vs 2011 (so far, Yikes already 1/2 way done). What do these numbers really mean to your success in selling products online and selling services online?  And to sell products and sell services online you must drive qualified traffic to your website right?

There and endless top 10 Lists for each Social Networking site with Pro’s and Con’s. At this point, this is what I see on a couple sites mentioned:

LinkedIn – excellent to network, post company profile page with call to action to your site, ability to easily add a You Tube video also, answer questions to build your name and credibility in your network. Groups- many excellent closed groups to ask questions to your network of experts and offer your knowledge in return. There are also 5 key places to note your specialty. Do you know where those are? You also receive Links on Google with your profile which helps in your personal online branding and online credibility. Almost forgot to mention you can post recommendations from past colleagues, clients, employees and co-workers.  Those go further than Testimonials on Web pages as we can all write those!  Seems for the most part if you find or someone finds you on Twitter that would mutually benefit your network it’s ok to do at a follow on Twitter.

Twitter – excellent for building a strong network, great place to obtain specific knowledge that is usually up to date, definitely feel it is better to follow and repost some tweets before you say too much. There are reasons for # and @ (interesting how Facebook has @ incorporated now). Be a human being and you are ok. Feeling like an @Mention is a form of flattery. Seems so easy but there are basic navigational pieces your must understand so you don’t discredit yourself.

You Tube – add video to your website to increase SEO. You can put meta tags on your video which further optimizes your site. Statistics show visitors will stay on your site 20% longer with video as an interactive means of multimedia. You Tube goes without saying…..think traffic! Great exposure.

Facebook – seems to be more a personal space type page….however, interesting posts garner the likes of Google. Who can argue with that? It all depends on what you are marketing. Some huge companies have found big success here. Not a good idea to Twitter back to add on Facebook without having personal interaction with your followers. Was I talking about Twitter again?

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